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NIDEK supports “comfortable vision life” with its accurate technology

NIDEK offers comprehensive solutions for manufacturing eyeglasses, such as visual acuity measurement, lens measurement and processing, to provide people with comfortable eyeglasses. We are also developing a system that provides a highly efficient, automated production methodology tailored to the needs of our customers.

Family Products

Satellite Tracer LT-1200

Satellite Tracer LT-1200


  • Automatic 3D binocular tracing
  • Variable fulcrum stylus
  • Composite tracing
  • Advanced shape editor function
  • Multifunction lab tracer and web tracer
Satellite Tracer LT-980

Satellite Tracer LT-980


  • Automatic 3D binocular tracing
  • Variable fulcrum stylus
  • Integrated debris protection
  • One-touch demo lens holder
  • Built-in accessory storage space

Other products

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